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Lucid is a unique fuzz pedal. It comes with just two controls, Volume and Harmonics – that...
Kleissonic Pedals Lucid
Cream logo on deep black.Anvil fashionfit 150grAvailable sizes: S - M - L - XL Please let me know...
Kleissonic T-Shirt
The "Crystal" is a transparent clean boost and it's a tool for every guitarist/...
Kleissonic Boutique Pedals Crystal
The Echolapse is an echo device that simulates an old tape echo machine.It is true bypass and the...
Kleissonic Pedals Echolapse
The Screaming Skull is a 'self '- oscillated fuzz.It has five control knobs, clear - gain...
Kleissonic - Fuzz Distortion
The Tremulant is a tremolo pedal.Includes a heavy-duty true-bypass footswitch and four controls...
Kleissonic - Tremolo
Kleissonic Pedals Lucid
€175,00 / / Details
Kleissonic T-Shirt
€10,00 / / Details

We will be closed from Friday 22nd of April until 5th of May. All the orders of this period will be shipped between 6th and 13th of May....

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