Modified Effects

Since i started Kleissonic in 2009, i was repairing other pedals of the market for a living. Especially the last two years, i have received many pedals and many emails from all around Europe, asking me to do some standard and non-standard modifications to pedals of other guitar effects manufacturers. I don't know if anyone else does "officialy" modifications in Europe (i am sure that some does that)  and since the repair shop here in Berlin is getting bigger and bigger - and more and more busy - i've decided to place here a list with the mods that i did over these years which i offer them now with a complete pricing.
Below is the list with some of the standard mods of other guitar effects manufacturers. I am sure that i forget some other mods So, if you need any other mod, just contact me. I will try to update the list as often as i can.



If you want to send me a pedal for a modification, the address is:

Kleissonic Pedals
Hasenheide 9
Aufgang 2 - 3.OG
10967, Berlin

* Extra shipping costs for EU is 4€, tracking number and signature required.



MXR Phase 90

  • Black Logo to Script Logo Mod  20€
  • Toggle Script Mod  30€
  • Univibe Mod  30€
  • Phase 45 Toggle Switch  35€

MXR Blue Box

  • Octve Toggle Switch  35€
  • Tone Knob  35€

MXR DynaComp

  • HiFi Mod  30€
  • Ross Mod  40€
  • Starving Effect(Dying battery)  30€
  • Attack Mod  30€

MXR Equaliser 10 band

  • OpAmp upgrade and replacing all audio capacitors  70€

AKAI Headrush

  • Volume Drop Mod  35€

Electro Harmonix Deluxe Memory Man

  • OpAmp Upgrade  30€
  • Calibration  15€
  • Input Impedance mod  35€
  • Gain Reduction mod  35€
  • Delay time extention  35€
  • Complete Mods(All the above at once) 75€



  • Vintage Mod  35€
  • JCM Type Tone, Wampler Mod  45€
  • Keeley Mod  45€


Apogee Symphony I/O 16x16 - AO16 module

  • "No Power On" issue. Mod/Fix   150€
    *If you have tried to resolve the problem following the steps of the the "Tech Bulletin" that Apogge provides and ends up that one or both circuits boards are shorted, then you have to send it to me.